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The drill monkey is one of the world’s least known species of primates. Since 2011 the drill project has worked on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, filming, collecting data and providing protection for the drill.  We would like thank everyone past and present who have supported our project and the other conservation projects working towards the same goal.  It is our hope that through this site we can provide a resource for people who want to learn about the drill monkey and be inspired to help conserve the world's endangered species and biodiversity.



Our Mission

The Drill Project is a conservation initiative aimed at providing educational resources and conducting scientific research to aid in conservation efforts regarding the endangered Drill monkey (Mandrillus leucophaeus poensis) on Bioko Island. Found off the coast of West/Central Africa, this island is home to Equatorial Guinea's capital of Malabo as well as rich levels of biodiversity and 11 species of primates. As one of the largest and least known species of monkey, drills are threatened with the illegal bushmeat trade which is pushing them towards extinction.

Through research and conservation outreach focused on the use of film, we hope to increase the awareness of these endangered animals and fragile ecosystems thus providing the people of Equatorial Guinea with the incentive to protect these national resources.

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