Lisa Sinclair

Lisa Sinclair has worked on Bioko Island since 2012, collecting behavioral data on the drill monkeys while managing sea turtle research camps. She received her Masters degree from Purdue University in 2017, focusing her research on how new development and forest access is affecting endangered primates in Bioko's largest protected area. Moving forward, she now hopes to help better understand their drill monkey behavior and ecology in order to aid in the conservation and research of these incredible animals.


Shaya Honarvar

Dr. Honarvar is an ecologist and conservation biologist who has been working on Bioko Island since 2008. She is a current faculty member at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne where she continues her work on Bioko Island. Her research focus includes sea turtle ecology, population biology, and conservation. Honarvar received her Ph.D. from Drexel University, a M.Sc. from the University of Pennsylvania, and an engineering degree in biotechnology from the Hogeschool Utrecht in The Netherlands.


Justin Jay

In 2010 Justin was the first person to successfully track and film drills in the wild and has been coming to Bioko every year since. Previously working as a biologist for government agencies such as the USGS, Fish and Wildlife Service and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Justin has made a career out of finding rare and endangered species. After his first film "El Proyecto del Mono Dril" he started a wildlife documentary production company, Drill Films, which has just finished their first blue chip film on the incredible drill monkey.