the message

We hope to elicit admiration and gain value for wildlife while instilling a sense of pride to protect local and national resources.

The Drill Project was created to aid primate conservation on Bioko Island, specifically that of the drill. Our goal is to garner support for the governmental decree banning the hunting of primates on Bioko Island, which currently lacks enforcement or popular support. Awareness and education are key to stopping the destruction of the drills and the sale and consumption of many other species found in local bushmeat markets.

The Drill Project created a documentary in Spanish which was given free of charge to Equatorial Guinea's national television network (TVGE) and aired for public viewing. In addition, the film is shown locally in schools, villages and embassies. These screenings are combined with conservation presentations and workshops working closely with individuals and communities. The conservation film has been made in tandem with an international documentary which will air internationally in early 2019.

We hope that through this international blue chip documentary the world will finally get a chance to not only see the drill for the first time but, with international support for their protection, save them from extinction.