The Film

*all references made of the “Drill” are to the Bioko Island subspecies  Mandrillus leucophaeus poensis.

The Drill Project features the first-ever broadcast images of wild Bioko Island drills and tells a tale about their biology. An educational film, The Drill Project illustrates the beautiful relationships formed in the biodiversity of Bioko Island’s tropical forests, and explains how the drills are an important part of their ecosystem. Viewers learn that not all is well in these forests, as traditional bush-meat hunting practices have given way to commercial poaching with shotguns. The Drill Project gives a voice to the drills and the six other species of monkeys on the island by exhibiting these lesser-known primates’ struggle with human misunderstanding and advocating the abolishment of primate hunting on the island.

The film includes interviews with local community members and biologists discussing the importance of wildlife protection to serve future generations and its economic value to the country of Equatorial Guinea. The film is in Spanish, the national language of Equatorial Guinea, and narrated by Demetrio Bocuma Meñe an Equatoguinean who studies environmental science and policy in the United States. Our message is a positive one and it is meant to give the local public of Equatorial Guinea a national pride in their wildlife.

This full length film created by Justin Jay of Drill Films and Dr. Shaya Honarvar of BBPP is shared online free of charge in order to help spread the message of the Bioko Island Drills and animals like it. The film is currently broadcasting on the National and International television channels in Equatorial Guinea and premiered both in Equatorial Guinea (December 15, 2012) at the Guinean Cultural Center in Malabo and in the USA (April 15, 2013) at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Our film is now posted here so that conservation outreach programs around the world can use it as a resource.

We are also producing an international conservation awareness documentary about the drills of Bioko Island. This second film is part natural history, part adventure film, and part advocacy, and is geared to our international viewers and it is currently in the post-production stage, scheduled to be completed in early 2014.  Check back later for a sneak preview.

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