Female and Juvenile Bioko Drill (Jay 2011)

The Drill Project’s success greatly relies on the support of individuals like you.  Like most conservation work, our goals are achieved through the good will of others and sacrifices made.  Each donation will go directly to our filming and conservation efforts.


Prospero Rivas (2013)

We need your support to help purchase the necessary educational resources to share this story and spread this message with the people of Bioko Island.  Only with your help, will we be able to show the world the beauty and strength of these endangered animals in order to help save them from the brink of extinction .

The Drill Project and Drill Films LLC

Mailing Address: PO Box 2408, Goose Creek, SC  29445-2408

Phone: +1-843-732-1837


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  1. Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Rabon for your generous donation!

  2. Thank you Jean Fisher and Joel Schmidt!

  3. Thank you Mrs. Linda Caimano
    for your donation!

  4. Thank you Heidi Rader for your support!

  5. Thank you Charlotte Hope!

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  7. Thank you Debora Schmidt for your support!

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  10. Thank you for all the work that you do!

  11. Jonathan Benton

    Drills are worth saving keep up the good work

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