The Drill Project Will Be Shown At The 2013 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival



In our continual efforts to provide awareness for the drill monkeys and Bioko Island’s wildlife we have submitted our film to the wildlife conservation film festival and it was accepted.  We are proud to announce that our film “El Proyecto del Mono Dril” will be shown at the 2013 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York!   We are excited to show others the beauty that Bioko island holds and help shed light on the bushmeat crisis.


The Drill Project was intended to address the specific conservation issues regarding the fauna of Bioko Island, however the film also carries with it a broad message that is applicable to conservation efforts anywhere in the world.  Our message is that the natural world not only has a hidden beauty that needs to be protected, but that we rely on its well being for our own.   We rely on the biodiversity of our ecosystems to maintain a healthy life and it is up to the people directly linked to those specific ecosystems to provide protection.

We are very excited to share the drill’s story with others and are grateful for the opportunity to help.  We hope that our film may be applicable to other species in need and be inspirational to others to get out there and work towards conserving earth’s precious wildlife.

Check out the film festival’s website for more information and like them on facebook!  Come out and see great wildlife conservation films from October 1-5th.

4th Annual New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival
New York, NY
October 1-5
Crosby Street Hotel & Theater
79 Crosby Street
New York, NY

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