The Start of the Campaign: The events and the message

The film alone is not enough.


Betete presentation (2013)

This March we started our outreach campaign.  Although the film “El proyecto del Mono Dril” has been playing on television in the country since December, there are still many people yet to be reached.  This is made possible by a handful of remarkable professors and students from the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE).  These individuals have given voice to the drill project and bring with them the message of conservation.  It is our shared goal that Equatorial Guinea can develop into the future while also safeguarding its natural heritage and rich biodiversity.  We must first start by saving the species in most danger of extinction and spreading the message.


UNGE campus (2013)

The Campaign gives us the opportunity to show our film to some of the more remote villages and speak with the locals on behalf of the wildlife they share the forest with.  By sharing the images and information of the drill project, we can start a dialogue with others which may never have surfaced.  How can we expect anyone to care about an issue they know nothing about.  Education and Awareness are the first step to action.  Only after we create an informed populace can we start to change minds and attitudes towards the unsustainable and exploitative consumption of wildlife.

We have shown the film in schools, embassies, cultural centers and remote villages and plan to keep the momentum going for as long as there are primates in the bushmeat market.  Until that day it is up to everyone to help spread the word and voice their opinion.  There are many ways to end the needless slaughter of endangered species.  By informing others about the dangers of bushmeat consumption and the hazards it plays to the ecology, economy and heritage of Bioko Island we hope to accomplish two goals.

  1. – Create an informed populace who no longer demands endangered species or primates in the bushmeat market, thus alleviating hunting pressures on wild animals.
  2. – Bring the issue of national resource protection to the forefront of political action and support which will in turn provide effective protection for the nations endangered species.

That being said, our outreach events are mainly an opportunity to connect with the people of Bioko and talk about the beauty and value of the amazing wildlife found here on the island.  Here are a few pictures from our first few events with many more to come.  Your support helps make this possible. Enjoy!

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